Audi uses practical existence to sight Logistics employees

When employees put on a VR glasses, they see a picturesque and true-to-life make-believe of their work hire in Hall L of a Ingolstadt Logistics Center. They also reason a controller in any palm that is also used for video games. They use it to grasp and pierce a practical images of their work equipment, such as containers or components. Preparing card boxes, fixation object visors in a scold position, requesting labels rightly to a container: step-by-step, employees go by a several make-up processes only as they would occur in reality. They learn a compulsory palm movements while also removing informed with a analogous IT programs. Because this no longer requires tangible components and containers, a training can be achieved flexibly during any location, and a association saves profitable space as good as time and money.

The VR training has several levels of difficulty. This way, a worker can allege and is encouraged to immediately put what is schooled to use. Whereas learners accept minute instructions in a initial level, in a second turn they contingency “pack” some-more exclusively and remember a work steps. The training module immediately gives employees feedback and they can repeat any practice as mostly as they wish. A tutor is accessible to support employees during all times. These trainers can use an compared app on their inscription to follow a training swell and offer assistance where needed.

The new training module also overcomes denunciation and stretch barriers: several denunciation versions can be run with small effort, so that Audi employees can now also sight with Spanish or English instructions. This also functions opposite locations: an worker in Ingolstadt Logistics can work probably in a Audi plant in San José Chiapa, Mexico, and clamp versa. Programmers used existent 3D data from a skeleton for Audi plants for a picturesque depictions of a several locations.

“The response of a employees to a practical training is intensely positive,” pronounced Project Head Mirko Göres from Brand Logistics Information Process Planning. “After a six-month commander phase, dual routine training programs are now in permanent use in CKD Logistics. We are now operative with a training core in Ingolstadt and a Neckarsulm and Ingolstadt Plant Logistics to rise 3 additional VR training programs on a topics of pick-by-light, pick-by-tablet and pick-by-voice.” In addition, a Audi locations of San José Chiapa and Brussels will be some-more concerned in a plan in a future.

Virtual existence is used by Audi in countless areas of a association – from Sales and Technical Development to Production. For instance, a initial Audi dealers are already charity a “Audi VR experience” during patron consulting in their dealerships. With this, impending buyers can configure their practical dream automobile and inspect a realistic reproduction down to a smallest detail.