Audi Tradition in an Auto Union Silver Arrow during a china jubilee

For a 200,000 visitors who are approaching during Goodwood, a Auto Union Type C is an aged crony – a model’s participation during a Festival of Speed has always been one of a highlights of a event. With a 16 cylinders, 520 hp, tip speed of 340 km/h and a engine located behind a driver, this racing automobile was noticed as a unconventional marvel when it was initial presented in 1936. In a same year, Bernd Rosemeyer won a European pushing championship and a German hill-climb championship. This year, Hans-Joachim Stuck will be holding a circle of Audi Tradition’s rebuilt Type C. It will be a really special impulse for a former Audi Sport driver: in a 1930s, Stuck’s father Hans was a member of a Auto Union group and when it came to mountain races, he was roughly unbeatable. Every time he drives a Silver Arrow, Stuck youth dons his father’s strange gloves and racing goggles.

Audi Tradition is also promulgation another festival guest of respect to a competition track: a Wanderer Streamline Special will be presented for a initial time during Goodwood. Eighty years ago, Auto Union AG enrolled 3 of these models for what was afterwards a world’s toughest rally, Liège-Rome-Liège. The automobile had to do during slightest 50 kilometers per hour over a whole 4,000-kilometer course. On this competition of around 100 hours, a drivers frequency stopped solely to refuel. These high final on drivers and element took their toll: in 1938 usually a third of a cars reached a finish and, in 1939, usually 21 out of 51 did. Among them, a 3 Wanderer Streamline Specials from Auto Union. The association so won a many critical endowment for a works team: a code ranking.