Audi Tool Trophy: Prize for gifted immature engineers

This year a foe was quite exciting, with three‑minute pitches from a participants also enclosed for a first time in a assessment. Ten students done it onto a shortlist and presented their projects to a consultant jury. Of these, a automaker singled out a best two submissions from a “Master’s Dissertations” and “Bachelor’s Dissertations/Term Papers” categories.

“The Audi Tool Trophy is an determined foe that we have now done even some-more engaging for gifted immature engineers,” explains Jörg Spindler, Head of a Competence Center for Plant Equipment and Forming Technology. “In further to a event to share technical know‑how with a experts, we also offer students a event to forge critical contacts for their veteran career.”

The AUDI AG Works Council also singles out a participants’ creativity and beginning for praise. “It is considerable only how good these youngsters produce out new ideas,” says Works Council member Jürgen Wittmann. “With their superb formula they are enriching a operative life of a future. They can be unequivocally unapproachable of that.”

In a “Master’s Dissertations” category, Eric Gärtner from Mittweida University of Applied Sciences managed to lean a jury with his grant about a record growth for attrition mark welding of high‑strength aluminum alloys from a 7000 series. Second place was taken by Michael Grubenmann, a tyro during ETH Zurich, with his Master’s dissertation, that is a intensity investigate of new failure criteria for piece steel combining simulation.

Sascha Meckler also took first place, a Tool Trophy and esteem income value 2,500 euros in a “Bachelor’s Dissertations and Term Papers” category. With his growth of a module to indication a flow, upsurge plcae and combining extent curves and to get analogous element cards for AutoForm and LS‑DYNA, a tyro from a Friedrich‑Alexander‑University Erlangen‑Nuremberg managed to kick off a extreme competition. Philipp Kolmer from Braunschweig Technical University came in second place with his Bachelor’s thesis about use life optimization for die‑cast aluminum tools.

The Trophy, that has been redesigned in a Competence Center for Plant Equipment and Forming Technology, was constructed for a first time on a 3‑D metal printer. The open voting difficulty was a new underline of this year’s awards. For a first time, guests, supervising professors and Audi experts from Production and Logistics awarded an additional esteem for a best pitch. The winner, Michael Grubenmann, was gay to accept a document for a Audi Driving Experience.

The Audi Competence Center for Plant Equipment and Forming Technology was founded in early 2017 by merging toolmaking and press shop. The formerly apart disciplines have always worked together closely. They make and operate, among other things, a press collection that make a Audi design possible. As a amicable module for a Audi Tool Trophy, a Competence Center showcased stream projects during a record forum.

Next year too, a Competence Center for Plant Equipment and Forming Technology will once again be looking for innovative tyro investigate projects and dissertations from a German‑speaking region. Audi will tell sum of a focus dates for a Tool Trophy 2017 in due march on

Master’s Dissertations
1st place: Eric Gärtner: “Contribution to record growth for attrition mark welding of high‑strength aluminum alloys from the 7000 series”, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences
2nd place: Michael Grubenmann: “Potential investigate of new disaster criteria for piece steel combining simulation”, ETH Zurich

Bachelor’s Dissertations/Term Papers
1st place: Sascha Meckler: “Development of a module to indication a flow, upsurge plcae and combining extent curves and to get analogous element cards for AutoForm and LS‑DYNA”, Friedrich‑Alexander‑University Erlangen‑Nuremberg
2nd place: Philipp Kolmer: “Service life optimization of die‑cast aluminum tools”, Braunschweig Technical University

Public prize
Michael Grubenmann, ETH Zurich