Audi tests gesticulate control for practical assembly


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• Premium carmaker simulates automobile public in 3 D environment
• Employees pierce components in unsentimental space with discerning gestures
• Basis: technologies from a gaming industry

Even before Audi produces a initial prototypes of a new car, engineers in a Pre Series Center check particular public stairs in a 3 D projection. They arrange components virtually, so last either this routine is possibly and ergonomic for a employees on a prolongation line. As partial of a commander project, they are now for a initial time relocating a components in a unsentimental space regulating elementary gestures.

Audi is checking particular public stairs probably in pre‑series growth to establish either they are unsentimental for bland usage. The tests are conducted in a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE). This consists of projection surfaces on a building and wall on that projectors arrangement 3‑D images of components. The outcome is a unsentimental existence into that a Audi engineers can douse themselves with 3‑D glasses.

As partial of array operation, a pre‑series developers control a unsentimental components regulating a controller from a games console. This should also be possibly shortly regulating elementary gestures. “We wish to make picking adult and relocating a components some-more discerning in a future,” says Katharina Kunz, Audi growth operative for unsentimental validation. At benefaction she is therefore contrast a Myo – an armband grown in a gaming attention for gesticulate control ‑ with her group as partial of a commander phase.

The armband measures a flesh currents in a forearm and can ascertain how a user is relocating their arm and fingers. The armband afterwards sends a suit information around Bluetooth to a computer. The same mechanism also collects a user’s position coordinates with a assist of an infrared camera on a ceiling. The camera used is a Kinect – a control hardware in a games console. To safeguard that a Myo armband does not appreciate each probable transformation as a control gesture, a user activates a complement by touching their ride and center finger.

Katharina Kunz and her group frequently use technologies from a gaming world: “They are ideal for us since they are comparatively inexpensive and are being grown rapidly.” The engineers in a Pre‑Series Center aim to use a Myo in array operation in a entrance months.