Audi RS Q e-tron: Test laboratory for probable destiny technologies during a Dakar Rally

“The battery is also a exclusive growth that we have satisfied together with a partner,” says Stefan Dreyer, Head of Development during Audi Sport for motorsport projects. “As engineers, we fundamentally see growth intensity in any component. But in terms of a drivetrain system, we have already achieved a complement potency of over 97 percent in Formula E. There’s not many some-more room for improvement. The conditions is utterly opposite with a battery and appetite management. This is where a biggest growth intensity lies in electromobility in general. What we learn from a intensely severe Dakar plan will upsurge into destiny prolongation models. As always, we are also operative closely with a colleagues from highway automobile growth on this project.”

The limit complement appetite of a e-drivetrain is 500 kW. How many of this might be used during a Dakar Rally is still being finalized by a organizers. The electric drivetain offers many advantages. The electric motors can be tranquil intensely precisely and can so safeguard good drivability. In addition, braking appetite can be recovered.

The Audi RS Q e-tron usually needs one brazen gear. The front and back axles are not mechanically connected, as is also common in electric vehicles. The module grown by Audi takes over a torque placement between a axles and so creates a practical and openly configurable core differential, that has a certain side outcome of being means to save a weight and space that woud have been compulsory by propshafts and a automatic differential.

Visually, a Audi RS Q e-tron also differs significantly from conventionally-powered Dakar prototypes. “The car looks unconventional and has many pattern elements that are standard of Audi,” says Juan Manuel Diaz, Team Leader of Motorsport Design during Audi. “Our aim was to designate Vorsprung durch Technik and a destiny of a brand.”

The Dakar Rally entrance is being run in and with Q Motorsport. “Audi has always selected new and confidant paths in racing, though we consider this is one of a many formidable cars that we have ever seen,” says group principal Sven Quandt. “The electric drivetrain means that a lot of opposite systems have to promulgate with any other. Besides reliability, that is peerless in a Dakar Rally, that’s a biggest plea in a entrance months.”

Quandt compares Audi’s Dakar plan to a initial moon landing: “Back then, a engineers didn’t unequivocally know what was coming. It’s identical with us. If we finish a initial Dakar event, that’s already a success.”

The antecedent of a Audi RS Q e-tron had a initial roll-out in Neuburg during a commencement of July. An complete exam module and a initial exam entries during cross-country rallies are on a bulletin from now until a finish of a year.

“This project’s report is intensely packaged and challenging,” says Andreas Roos. “Less than twelve months have upheld given a plan strictly started. We had to start a growth while a regulations for alternatively-powered vehicles had not even been finalized yet. And all of a growth took place during a Corona pandemic. You mustn’t blink that either. What a group has achieved so distant is unique. The roll-out was a really special impulse for everyone.”

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