Audi R8 LMS stronger than ever in Asia

While a initial foe of a Audi R8 LMS Cup is imminent, a Blancpain GT Series Asia deteriorate has already started for Audi in Apr – and really good too: a Australian-Indian motorist twin Mitchell Gilbert/Aditya Patel from a OD Racing Team distinguished a ancestral initial feat with an Audi R8 LMS during Sepang in a new racing series. After second place in a second race, a dual drivers now lead a list in front of Marchy Lee/Shaun Thong, who are competing for Audi Hong Kong in a R8 LMS. The squads from Milestone Racing, Team Audi R8 LMS Cup, Team WRT and KCMG are also backing adult with 4 additional Audi R8 LMS cars. 

But not usually these dual championships offer a Audi patron teams sparkling applications in Asia. The Super GT array is a many prestigious module of events in Japan. With a Audi Team Hitotsuyama and a Taisan Sard team, dual teams with an Audi R8 LMS any will face tough foe with 28 other competitors in a GT300 class. 

A still immature margin of movement for a Audi GT3 sports automobile is a China GT Championship, that is about to reason a second year. For this, Phoenix Racing Asia prepares dual Audi R8 LMS, while patron teams 300+, JRM, Kings Racing, Linky Racing and Shan Xi Tian Shi Racing will line adult with additional Audi GT3 sports cars. Additional clubsport platforms in Japan, China and Taiwan open adult serve opportunities for Audi customers. In Thailand, a group B-Quik Racing is presenting a Audi R8 LMS for a initial time in a Thailand Super Series. The FIA GT World Cup will take place from Nov 16–19 in Macau. Here, Audi is a fortifying champion.

In further to a Audi R8 LMS, a new Audi RS 3 LMS is now accessible for business in Asian racing. In a TCR Asia Series, Jasper Thong from Hong Kong has already available a initial feat for Audi Hong Kong in this indication during a Zhuhai foe in April.