Audi: partner of general sport

Audi in winter sports: distant some-more than a financial sponsor

Its joining in winter sports provides Audi with an ideal height to benefaction a sporting opening and impetus of a code to an general audience. For 30 years, AUDI AG has been a principal unite of a German Ski Federation (DSV) including all a inhabitant teams – not usually as a financial believer though also as a co-sponsor of many corner events.  In addition, Audi is a unite and a car partner of a Alpine inhabitant teams from Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, France, Italy, Korea, Liechtenstein, a Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and a United States. Some of these teams advantage from Audi’s technical know-how. The athletes frequently sight during a Audi breeze hovel core in Ingolstadt.

In a Audi FIS Ski World Cup, a 4 rings in a 2014/2015 deteriorate are featured as a pretension unite for a 13th year, and given 2011 a code has been giving a name to a Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup as well. Audi is also a Presenting Sponsor of a FIS Alpine Ski World Championships that will be reason in Vail/Beaver Creek (USA) in 2015 and in St. Moritz (Switzerland) in 2017.

Since Nov 2013, Audi has been a principal unite of a Nordic Combination World Cup and, from a commencement of a 2014/2015 season, will be a partner of a FIS Cross Country World Cup and Ski Jumping World Cup. From a entrance season, a Four Hills Tournament and a Ski Jumping World Championship will be reason underneath a pitch of a 4 rings as well. By partnering with a Freeride World Tour given a commencement of a 2013/2014 season, Audi has been addressing a immature aim group. Furthermore, Audi will be concerned as a partner in a FIS Freestyle World Championship to be reason in Kreischberg from Jan 15 to 25.

The ski talents of a destiny are upheld by Audi in a ‘Bring Children to a Snow’ beginning of a FIS. Focal events of a debate are a ‘FIS SnowKidz’ and a ‘World Snow Day.’

Supporting German Olympic and Paralympic athletes

When a German Olympic and Paralympic athletes were competing for medals in Sochi, Russia, in open of 2014 Audi accompanied them as a partner of a German Olympic Sports Confederation and National Sponsor of a Paralympic Committee Germany. The partnership was hermetic in Feb 2010 and has been extended until a finish of 2016.

Five rings are using with 4 rings: Audi is a car retailer to a International Olympic Committee (IOC) and equips a swift of a classification in Lausanne and general IOC events with Audi models. Furthermore, corner projects are in development, including a subject of corporate responsibility. The partnership has been concluded for an initial tenure until a finish of 2016.

Audi in sailing: Kieler Woche and Audi Sailing Team Germany

Sailing stands for organisation spirit, record and plan – and is so a glorious fortify for Audi. The Kieler Woche, that Audi accompanied for a fifth time in 2014, is a ideal instance – with countless distinguished guests, on- and offshore activities, a convey and trailer use and a display of ‘Kieler Woche TV.’

Aside from a grand spectacle, Audi has been dedicated to ancillary immature German sailors given 2010. Partnering with a German inhabitant sailing team, that appears underneath a name of Audi Sailing Team Germany, a code provides 50 vehicles to a athletes and is featured with a trademark on organisation wear, sails and vessel hulls.

In addition, Audi is a disdainful partner of a Deutsche Segel-Bundesliga (DSBL) reason for a second time in 2014. The partnership with a DSBL strengthens a Germany-wide team-work between Audi dealers and a internal sailing clubs on whose waters a regattas are held.

Six boats of a Bavaria B/one form cruise underneath a Audi dwindle as well. They contest during several sailing events. For instance, during a Kieler Woche, a Bavaria-B/one swift was used for races with a Audi Sailing Experience for partners and business of AUDI AG.

Audi in golf: interrelated elegance

Audi has been successfully concerned in golf for some-more than dual decades. Technology, pattern and sporting opening are hallmarks of each Audi vehicle, that are reflected by a special mindfulness exuded by golf as well. The joining is centered on a Audi quattro Cup as a world’s many renouned contest array for pledge golfers. At a invitation of informal Audi partners, education in that some 80,000 players attend each year are reason during a march of a year. The winners validate for a particular nation culmination and a best teams of a countries afterwards accommodate with their general competitors.
The long-standing partnership with a Süddeutsche Zeitung Business Golf Cup has been another component of Audi’s joining for a past decade. In addition, Audi supports a German Golf Association (DGV) as a disdainful car partner and presents a association’s internet offering.

A fantastic prominence takes place off a normal golf courses. Twelve holes along a mythological downhill ski march in Kitzbühel contingency be tackled year after year during a ‘Streif Attack’ that Audi accompanied as a principal unite again in 2014.

Audi in soccer: partner of premier general clubs

‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ is a daily messenger of players, coaches and officials of Europe’s premier soccer clubs. In Germany, for example: Audi and a German record champion FC Bayern München have been ‘on a ball’ together given 2002. The Bundesliga clubs in Mönchengladbach, Hamburg, Berlin, Nuremberg and Hoffenheim go to a organisation of Audi partners as well.

Internationally, Audi has commitments with top-caliber teams. Since 2003, a code has been a car partner of record Champions League leader Real Madrid. In return, a code from Ingolstadt is featured during a mythological Estadio Santiago Bernabéu and enjoys promotion rights with a 32-time Spanish champion. The partnership with FC Barcelona has been in existence given 2006. All a players around super star Lionel Messi have been pushing Audi models ever since. In addition, Audi supports FC Chelsea and, around a importers, AC Milan, Red Bull Salzburg, Zenit St. Petersburg and a Japanese inhabitant soccer team. 

Further highlights among a soccer commitments of a 4 rings are a Audi Cup that in summer of 2013 was reason in Munich for a third time and a Audi Summer Tour, that took Audi and FC Bayern München to a United States for muster matches in a summer of 2014.

Audi as a informal partner: commitments in soccer, ice hockey and basketball

Audi also supports sports on a informal turn – with a passion and in presumption shortcoming for a region. Audi has long-standing partnerships with a ice hockey bar ERC Ingolstadt and a second-division soccer bar FC Ingolstadt 04. The players of FC Bayern Basketball reason their home rounds during a Audi Dome. Audi is a car partner of all 3 clubs. 

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