Audi Motorsport Newsletter 38/2015

Italy welcomes Audi drivers

At a annual ancestral automobile muster ‘Auto e Moto d’Epoca’ in Padua, visitors dignified a good story of a Audi Sport Italia racing group on a Audi Sport Club Italia stand. Its owners Emilio Radaelli and Roberta Gremignani displayed exhibits from some-more than 30 years of racing and rallying history. Furthermore, motorsport legends were awarded special memberships and honors. Among a countless guest were a 1984 Rally World Champion Stig Blomqvist, Walter Röhrl’s former co-driver Christian Geistdörfer, former furloughed automobile motorist Tamara Vidali, Audi bureau motorist Filipe Albuquerque, Dieter Gass, Head of DTM during Audi Sport and Lamborghini Motorsport Boss Giorgio Sanna.

Great respect for Audi Sport TT Cup runner-up

The deteriorate culmination of a Audi Sport TT Cup had finished only dual days progressing when a second-place finisher in a Audi one-make crater sat in a GT3 competition automobile for an initial test. Audi Sport Team Phoenix supposing Nicolaj Møller Madsen with an eventuality to get to know a racing chronicle of a Audi R8. In a morning, a youth tested a proven Audi R8 LMS ultra and in a afternoon he was authorised to expostulate a code new Audi R8 LMS that Phoenix had taken over a day before. “We were unequivocally gratified to give a immature talent this opportunity,” pronounced Team Manager Bernhard Demmer. “The fanciful continue had no change on a exam schedule. In sleet in a morning and in splendid fever in a afternoon, Nicolaj was primarily means to reconnoitre himself with a GT3 competition automobile on used tires and to subsequently denote his skills on new tires in subordinate and long-run simulations. He was unapproachable to be one of a initial drivers to be sitting in a new competition automobile in a afternoon.” Møller Madsen finished 75 laps in total, in other difference 450 kilometers, with Phoenix.

Rahel Frey during ‘Schaffhauser Herbstmesse’

Audi motorist Rahel Frey visited a ‘Schaffhauser Herbstmesse.’ At a consumer uncover in a Swiss city of Schaffhausen, a 29-year-old veteran competition motorist was a guest during a counter of Radio Munot. In an interview, she talked about her deteriorate in a Audi R8 LMS, feat in a ADAC GT Masters culmination and a arriving racing eventuality during Shanghai. In fifth place of a standings, a Swiss will be contesting a dual final rounds of a deteriorate in a Audi R8 LMS Cup in China on a final Oct weekend.

A word from … Jan Kisiel

Five competition victories and by distant a many unchanging motorist in a Audi Sport TT Cup: Jan Kisiel was a widespread force during a initial deteriorate of a Audi one-make crater and is a good honourable title-winner.

Jan Kisiel, how did we proceed a 2015 deteriorate in a Audi Sport TT Cup?

I simply wanted to do my best. If someone had told me that we would finish among a best 3 of a Audi one-make cup, we would have been unequivocally happy with that.

Your initial win was during turn 3 in Spielberg and afterwards a mastery began.

Yes, we won my initial competition in Austria and afterwards managed 4 wins in succession. we did my best during Oschersleben, that is my favorite track, and also during a Nürburgring. Halfway by a season, we took a lead from Nicolaj Møller Madsen and we was dynamic to keep it that proceed until a end.

How did we proceed a Hockenheim finale?

I came to Hockenheim flattering relaxed. we knew that we had finished a good pursuit so distant this year by holding as many points as possible, ensuring a crafty points lead forward of a final competition weekend. we approached a initial competition with a transparent aim: It was best to have a crafty and distributed race, but holding any risks. we always had an eye on Nicolaj and we knew from a calculations that we was protected and could bind a pretension with one competition to spare.

Do we have any personal goals to serve urge your performance?

I wish to work on my punctuality. we was late for a series of drivers’ meetings and sessions this year. we became famous as a one who will substantially be late, so one of my goals in destiny is perplexing to be on time for appointments during a competition weekends.

What are your skeleton for 2016 and your subsequent stairs in motorsport?

I am still finalizing my skeleton for 2016. It was a unequivocally good knowledge to be partial of a Audi Sport TT Cup in 2015. we would unequivocally adore to stay in a Audi family. It is an classification with a unequivocally good atmosphere and veteran surroundings.

Coming adult subsequent week

26/10 René Rast turns 29 years of age
30/10–01/11 Barcelona (E), GT Open, races 13 and 14
31/10 Mike Rockenfeller turns 31 years of age
31/10. Nürburgring (D), VLN, turn 10
31/10.–01.11. Shanghai (CN), Audi R8 LMS Cup, races 11 and 12
01/11. Shanghai (CN), WEC, turn 7
01/11. Autopolis (J), Super GT, turn 7

– End –