Audi Motorsport Newsletter 05/2016

A word from … André Lotterer

The three-time Le Mans leader is intensively scheming for a new year.

With 9 races, a 2016 deteriorate will be even some-more finish than before. How have we been preparing?

With copiousness of training! Even before a teambuilding activities in Lanzarote, we spent a week there roving my bicycle. Since January, I’ve finished 1,000 kilometers of training on dual wheels. And currently, I’m spending my personal aptness week in Seefeld. Cross-country units of 20 to 35 kilometers, workouts on a rowing appurtenance and an practice bike, and coordination tests, thoroughness exercises and yoga – my module is filled to a brim. we finish such training modules in Seefeld 4 to 5 times a year. Plus, during a finish of a week, we visited a Audi pushing knowledge here.

You attended a series of amicable events as good …

I had a good time. In January, we attended a Audi Night in Kitzbühel, in February, Mattias Ekström and we were during a opening of a Berlinale. Numerous stars were guest during both of these events. Actor Daniel Brühl has a good seductiveness in a motorsport programs. Following a Berlinale opening, he invited us to his tapas bar where we also met actor Clive Owen. It was good saying something opposite for a change.

You’re competing in a new Audi R18 in a FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) together with Benoît Tréluyer and Marcel Fässler. What are your expectations for a 2016 season?

I consider that a 3 LMP1 manufacturers, Audi, Porsche and Toyota, will be fighting a unequivocally extreme conflict this year. All have a prerequisites for success. We’ve finished initial tests with a Audi R18 and seen a intensity during an early stage. At a moment, we’re operative on bargain a automobile good adequate to be means to use a intensity as fast as possible. After all, we’re dynamic to be in row for victories during Le Mans and in a FIA WEC right from a beginning.

Coming adult subsequent week

25/02 Nico Müller’s 24th birthday
25/02 Adrien Tambay’s 25th birthday

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