Audi Motorsport Newsletter 04/2016

A word from … Jamie Green

With 4 victories and second place in a drivers’ sequence Jamie Green was a many successful Audi motorist in a DTM final year. The Briton about a preparations for a new deteriorate and his expectations.

At a finish of February, during a exam in Spain, you’ll be sitting in a cockpit of a Audi RS 5 DTM again for a initial time given a culmination of a 2015 deteriorate – that’s a flattering prolonged time, isn’t it?

I’ve been in a DTM for many years and am used to not removing to expostulate a lot aside from a competition weekends. Not sitting in a automobile from Oct to Feb is unequivocally a prolonged time. But that’s no problem for me. we even consider it’s good to step behind from racing for a few months in winter. It gives we time to recharge your batteries and keeps we uninformed and motivated. When we start again during Hockenheim in May, I’ll no doubt be unequivocally inspired for racing again.

This year, there will usually be dual pre-season tests: a manufacturers’ exam during Monteblanco and an ITR exam during Hockenheim.

In a DTM, we have phases like this in that a technical growth of a cars has been solidified and contrast is limited. we don’t mind that since my opening apparently doesn’t humour from this. Still, it’s good for me to attend in both tests this year. Five days in a automobile pre-season – for DTM conditions that’s utterly a lot.

In 2015, a Audi RS 5 DTM was a automobile to beat. What do we design of a new season?

That’s tough to say. A year ago, a record of a cars was solidified as good – yet in annoy of this, BMW was surprisingly delayed after Marco Wittmann had won a championship in a prior season. Who’d have approaching that? In a DTM, there’s simply zero that’s guaranteed. It’s transparent that we had a really good automobile final year and didn’t bind a drivers’ and a manufacturers’ titles usually due to a lot of misfortune. Our speed was right. We’re anticipating for that to be a box again this year. Mercedes will be competing with a somewhat opposite bodywork. So, there’s a probability that a change of energy might be changeable a tiny as a result. For me, personally, it’s critical that my sourroundings stays a same. At Audi Sport Team Rosberg, I’m operative with a same operative and a same mechanics. We’re a strong, tiny patrol that has faith in itself and where everybody trusts any other. It’s good that we’re stability to work together and hopefully will be holding a good movement from final year into a new season.

But in Adrien Tambay you’re going to have a new teammate. What does that meant for you?

Adrien has been pushing for Audi in a DTM for utterly some time. Even yet we haven’t been teammates adult to now, we know any other well. We get along with any other really well. He’s a quick motorist and a youngster. I’m a tiny comparison and some-more experienced. we consider from Rosberg’s perspective, that’s a good mix. That was a box with Nico (Müller) as well. For me, zero will change. I’ll have a young, quick teammate again who’s going to make life formidable for me here and there. That’s partial of a plea we enjoy.

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