Audi Environmental Foundation supports worker flights to magnitude and preserve churned orchards

The Audi Environmental Foundation currently gave a starting vigilance for a innovative project, together with plan partners from a Geography Department of a Heidelberg University of Education, a Nature Conservation Society of a Rural Region of Karlsruhe, a Bad Schönborn Homeland, Nature and Environmental Workgroup (AHNU) and a district of Bad Schönborn. “The Bad Schönborn churned orchard plan combines a focus of complicated record with environmental considerations and a charge of internal farrago of species. It therefore brings together accurately those elements that are essential for a work of a foundation,” settled Rüdiger Recknagel, Director of a Foundation.

Traditional churned orchards include of fruit trees of several class and varieties. More than 20 types of apple trees grow in Bad Schönborn, together with pear trees and stone-fruit trees. This farrago is good for inlet and offers medium for countless local insects. Modern fruit plantations, however, are mostly laid out as monocultures and can be managed industrially and so some-more easily.

As a initial step, a drones contingency therefore be means to brand a form of tree in question. They afterwards record a health and caring standing of a plants and enter this information in an interactive geographical database. The aim of this overview is to rise tailored measures for a insurance and upkeep of a trees. The plan is primarily scheduled to run for 3 years.