Audi Environmental Foundation sponsors NaturVision brief film esteem for “Those in Grass Houses”

The award-winning film “Those in Grass Houses” by Christian Lawes papers a life of a South African companionable weaver. This bird class distinguishes itself with a formidable nest-building complement and hierarchical structures within a flock. In this way, a birds adjust to outmost influences and stabilise their community life. This year’s preference for a brief film foe focuses on animals and plants that differently live out of sight. The four-person jury consisting of Wiebke Winter (cellu l’art brief film festival), Victor Schwarz (Pixelgame Studios), Dr. Kay Hoffmann (Förderverein NaturVision e.V.), and Eve Heber explained a choice of a leader as follows: “Within a really brief volume of time, a film conveys thespian and humorous insights into a cluster as good as a transparent message: Together we are strong. Even if there are teenager differences here and there.”

The NaturVision brief film foe provides a event to give a viewers an bargain of a facets of inlet in an interesting and artistic way. Our flora and fauna have served as a source of impulse and a purpose indication for technical innovations given time immemorial. Rüdiger Recknagel, Managing Director of a Audi Environmental Foundation, said: “By evoking emotions and empathy, films open adult new and fascinating perspectives. They give us an bargain of what the sourroundings needs and awaken the sympathy. This creates a win-win situation: Nature is a purpose indication that we use when we work on technical issues. We learn from inlet though are also some-more expected to be prepared to debate for a protection.”