Audi motorist Lucas di Grassi keeps throng in suspense

A word from … Lucas di Grassi

Before this weekend, would we have approaching to be in row for feat in Monaco?
Lucas di Grassi: “After a initial giveaway use on Saturday morning, my aim was a top-five result. we usually hardly done it into a Super Pole of a quickest five. That we managed a good path there was really critical since overtaking in Monaco is near-impossible. The competition went well, unfortunately, Séb (Sébastien Buemi) done no mistakes. Otherwise, we would have attempted an attack. Our automobile was using good in Monaco and a group did another illusory setup job. I’m really gratified with a weekend and happy about a 18 points.”

The duel with Sébastien Buemi on a final laps anxious a spectators …
“At first, Séb was a tiny faster. The initial automobile didn’t feel utterly as good. we clever on saving energy. Grip came with a second car. we was means to follow Séb and put vigour on him in a end. we had about one percent some-more appetite than he had. Naturally, we attempted all to win a race. In a end, we had 0.0 energy. But, as we pronounced before, overtaking on this lane is near-impossible even if you’re clearly faster.”

Is that since we didn’t try to pass him?
“As a good, gifted driver, we know how to tighten a doorway in Monaco. Séb simply didn’t leave any doors open for me. Neither would we ever totally put a good competition outcome during risk by perplexing to pass in a territory where this is simply not possible. Had we been on a lane where a straights are longer than 360 meters, we would no doubt have attempted it since my automobile was good and fast.”

In Monaco, new rims providing an aerodynamic advantage were used. Did that compensate off?
“In motorsport, it’s not a singular aspect that causes we to advance, yet it’s always a sum of many tiny improvements. I’m really happy that Audi is now entirely committed to Formula E and helps us in several ways. But, due to a parsimonious regulations, we can usually take tiny stairs during a moment. Renault has been on a Formula E grid from day one and is really strong. In deteriorate two, we had a deficit. The opening has turn a tiny smaller this deteriorate and I’m anticipating for this trend to continue in a future. It’s also clear, though, that we had to risk a lot in Monaco and constantly expostulate 100 percent.”

Next Saturday, a subsequent Formula E competition is entrance adult in Paris. Your expectations?
“I won in Paris final year. I’m going to try to win there again.”