Audi motorist Ekström continues to lead standings

Initially, events during a Circuit Jules Tacheny seemed to be a exercise of a many new rounds. Ekström and his teammates, Toomas Heikkinen and Reinis Nitišs, were struggling to keep gait with a front runners in a initial sessions. “Saturday was rough,” says Ekström, who after dual of 4 subordinate rounds was usually ranked in position seven. “Q3 and Q4 were highs and lows afterwards – a unequivocally good outcome and a unequivocally bad one after we suffered cessation repairs in Q4. That cost us a improved grid position in a semi-final.” There, Ekström took position 3 and, as a result, competent for a final of a tip 6 drivers. “From a third row, we attempted everything, though overtaking here is near-impossible. Fourth place was a best we could do.” A feat would have done Ekström a initial motorist in World RX story to have won 4 rounds in a row. “I’m not meddlesome in records. I’m still a personality of a standings and that’s what matters,” says a 38-year-old.

His teammate Heikkinen for a fourth time this deteriorate competent for a semi-final where he fought a series of extreme position battles and was eventually separated in sixth place. “This is not a outcome we was anticipating for. I’ve won twice before in Belgium, though this weekend we was lacking that small bit of happening we need in rallycross.” Nitišs was in a identical situation. In a third Audi S1 EKS RX quattro, he won dual of his 4 subordinate rounds, though in position 13 hardly missed a event to contest in a semi-final. “Absolutely disappointing. The semi-final is always a smallest aim, though I’m going to learn from my mistakes and go for all-out conflict again in England,” says a Latvian. At Lydden Hill, turn 5 of a deteriorate will be hold on May 27 and 28. Last year, Ekström won a turn on a oldest lane in rallycross history.