Audi motorist Ekström aims to set record in Belgium

Following his third feat in a third race, a Rallycross World Champion has a transparent aim: his subsequent win. The Swede would be creation story that approach since no motorist has ever mounted a tip of a lectern in a World RX 4 times in a row. “Looking during a formula to date, we have positively no reason to complain,” says Ekström. “We haven’t always been a fastest though a tough work of my group has consistently paid off so far. At Hockenheim, we partied a small on Sunday though on Monday we immediately went behind into racing mode. At Mettet, we’re going to competition with full batteries.”

From a sporting perspective, a Circuit Jules Tacheny is a favorite lane of a EKS campaigners. In 2016, Ekström cumulative a winner’s prize in a Audi S1 EKS RX quattro. His teammate Toomas Heikkinen won there in a Volkswagen Polo in 2014 and 2015. “I unequivocally like a track,” says Heikkinen. “The blueprint differs from a other circuits – technically, it’s rather challenging, with quick crooked turns, delayed hairpin turns and a burst into a valley.” Plus, there is a slight initial spin in that a series of drivers have had to bury their hopes for front positions in a tire wall before. Ekström can tell a thing or dual about it. “In 2015, we was bumped by another automobile after a start and took a tire wall with me, that caused a hood to open. we had 0 prophesy and was forced to retire.”

In further to Ekström and Heikkinen, who with EKS are trailing PSRX Volkswagen Sweden in second place of a teams standings, Reinis Nitišs will be on a grid in a third Audi S1 EKS RX quattro. In his 560-HP supercar, a Latvian is aiming to make it into his second final with EKS. “Confidence in my automobile keeps flourishing with each competition and a lane during Mettet not usually suits Mattias and Topi,” emphasizes a EKS newcomer. “In 2015, we finished third in Belgium and my idea is to take home a prize again this year.”