Audi defines destiny network plan with partners in China

“This really constructive agreement is a vital miracle for Audi’s business in China,” says Dietmar Voggenreiter, Board member for Sales and Marketing during AUDI AG. “It paves a approach for a dual partner devise and will concede us to serve strengthen a joining to China. Together with clever partners, we will figure a destiny of reward mobility in China by serve fluctuating a internal product and use portfolio, ensuring an appealing business for all parties.”

Based on a 10-year expansion devise of AUDI AG, FAW Group and FAW-Volkswagen, Audi will extend a portfolio of locally constructed and alien models in China. The code will invariably broach rarely appealing reward cars, destiny technologies and tip use to business in China. The team-work in a margin of electric mobility will be strongly expanded, so pushing brazen a growth of competencies in pivotal technologies within a corner venture. In a subsequent 5 years, a Audi code during FAW-Volkswagen will move 5 new e-tron models to market. To allege localization, a partnership in a margin of apparatus creation will be enhanced.

The agreement between a Audi stakeholders and a play member incorporates a interests of a existent sales network into a new two-pillar devise of Audi in China. All parties reached a mutual bargain that Audi models from a intensity partnership between Audi and SAIC Motor would be sole by a brand’s existent play network in China. In suitability with authorised requirements, a new sales steering structure will be tangible for a one placement of Audi products from dual partners.

Audi and Volkswagen Group’s long-held partner SAIC are in a routine of evaluating a partnership for a prolongation and placement of Audi models and substantiating information and mobility services. The aim of a vital march is to rise a China business profitably for all parties involved. In serve to an extended product portfolio, a two-pillar devise would yield a existent play network with immeasurable synergies for their glorious after-sales infrastructure.

For Audi, China is a heading marketplace for pivotal areas of a destiny such as unconstrained driving, digitization and e-mobility. As a long-time partner of a Chinese automotive industry, AUDI AG stays resolutely committed to play an active purpose in a serve growth of a country’s automobile sector. As a colonize of China’s reward market, a Audi code continues to mount for superb products and patron use on a tellurian reward scale.