Audi Anniversary Dates 2019

It was 70 years ago that Audi story began in Ingolstadt. After a Second World War, a Auto Union AG plants in Saxony were seized underneath a orders of a Russian troops administration and a association was private from a companies register in Chemnitz in 1948. However, these orders did not request in a western function zones and so enabled Audi’s prototype company, Auto Union GmbH, to be founded on Sep 3, 1949 in Ingolstadt. Just 10 years after in 1959, a immature association brought one of a many complicated European automobile prolongation comforts of a time into operation. And in a same year, a initial DKW Junior rolled off a prolongation line.

Twenty years ago, AUDI AG took partial in a 24 Hours of Le Mans for a initial time and, given a commencement of a new millennium, a code has left on to win a sum of 13 victories. Meanwhile, 25 years ago, a initial Audi A4 rolled off a Ingolstadt prolongation line. The inheritor to a Audi 80 stays a volume seller of a code with a 4 rings even to a benefaction day. In a same year came both a marketplace launch of a brand’s new flagship, a Audi A8, and a recover of a Avant RS2 that was to be a substructure mill for Audi’s high-performance indication history.

35 years ago, Stig Blomqvist came initial in a World Rally Championship motorist rankings and Audi in a code ranking. In a same year, Harald Demuth gathering his Audi quattro to turn German Rally Master and a automobile would subsequently also be presented to a open that currently commands tip prices on a market: a Audi Sport quattro.

Also value remembering are a following anniversaries: 30 years of a Audi 90 IMSA GTO; 30 years of a Audi turbo diesel with approach injection; 50 years of a Audi 100 Coupé S; 50 years of Audi NSU Auto Union AG; 70 years of a DKW Schnellaster and RT 125 W; 80 years of a final Grand Prix feat for Auto Union.

A finish overview can be found in a anniversary booklet online in a Audi MediaCenter.