Audi Anniversary Dates 2018

Sixty years ago, Auto Union GmbH, as it was afterwards called, began construction of a new prolongation trickery in Ingolstadt. From it arose a many complicated European automotive bureau of a day. One year after a initial DKW Junior rolled off a public line.

Ten years later, in 1968, a group in Ingolstadt presented a Audi 100. This prototype of a Audi A6 brought Auto Union GmbH into a top mid-class. The Audi 100 became a explorer for a success of today’s AUDI AG.

Thirty years ago, in 1988, a Four Rings finally took a initial step into a reward category – with a Audi V8 . Ten years later, in Aug 1998, another miracle of a company’s story arrived during a dealers: a Audi TT Coupé. Now in a third indication generation, a TT continues to disturb business today.

Other information from a story of Audi value remembering this year:
150 years ago – Birth of Aug Horch; 80 years ago – Auto Union Grand Prix form D racing car; 80 years ago – Death of Bernd Rosemeyer; 40 years ago – Audi 80 B2; 30 years ago – Audi 200 TransAm; 25 years ago – Audi Space Frame (ASF); 25 years ago – investiture of Audi Hungaria Motor Kft.

An overview and serve information can be found in a digital Anniversary Booklet online during a Audi MediaCenter.