Audi and Huawei pointer chit of bargain for vital cooperation

“We are heightening a corner investigate with Huawei in a area of Intelligent Connected Vehicles,” explained Saad Metz, Executive Vice President of Audi China, adding: “Our aim is to urge reserve and optimize trade flows in sequence to emanate intelligent cities. The concepts will primarily be strong on a Chinese market.”

Intelligent Connected Vehicles concede applicable information to be exchanged with a surrounding environment. To grasp this, cars need a high-quality, fast information connection. The enlargement of this communication requires complete investigate and development. The team-work between Audi and Huawei is also dictated to promote a ongoing enrichment of programmed pushing and a digitalization of services in a car environment. To this end, a parties have additionally concluded to jointly rise training programs in sequence to strengthen a skills of record experts in both of these areas.

“We are entering a new epoch of Intelligent Connected Vehicles that will see a presentation of new technological synergies between information and communications record and a automotive industries,” commented Veni Shone, President of LTE Solution, Huawei, adding: “With increasing creation in mobile connectivity, Huawei is committed to transforming a pushing experience.”

Working in team-work with Huawei and a Chinese authorities, Audi became a initial unfamiliar vehicle manufacturer to attend in a first-time deployment of “LTE-V” on open roads in a megacity of Wuxi in eastern China in 2017. “LTE-V” is a mobile communication standard, that is specifically tailored for connected cars. Drivers were supposing with real-time trade information around connectors to trade light systems and video monitoring during intersections.

In Sep 2018, a plan will enter a subsequent proviso during a “World Internet of Things Exposition” in Wuxi with an even broader operation of applications.