Audi and Ekström from wanted to hunter

To symbol a 50th anniversary of rallycross during a Lydden Hill Race Circuit, Ekström and his group friends Toomas Heikkinen und Reinis Nitišs gifted a weekend with several obstacles. “I started good and hold third place consistently in a subordinate sessions behind a clever Polos,” pronounced Ekström. “In a semi-final, things weren’t utterly right, that is because we had to start a culmination from a third row.” After creation a good start and a stirring conflict with Sébastien Loeb, a tire disaster forsaken a Swede down a order. At a end, he finished fifth. “We have to be honest. Winning here was never on a cards, though a lectern finish was. But to grasp this, all would have had to run perfectly.”

Ekström also mislaid a altogether lead in South East England. The Swede had surfaced a standings for 253 days opposite dual seasons. The former wanted has now turn a hunter. “I’m usually 4 points behind Johan Kristoffersson,” pronounced Ekström. “In rallycross things can change really quickly. It’s probable to measure 30 points on a weekend. We’ll be behind and will conflict from a word go during a subsequent turn in Norway.”

Toomas Heikkinen competent for a semi-final for a fifth time this season, though missed a final after finishing sixth. “The semi-final is always a smallest goal. It’s unsatisfactory that it wasn’t utterly adequate again this time, though a engine disaster on Saturday had me personification catchup immediately,” explained a Finn. Nitišs fared most worse and as 16th altogether was demoted to spectating after qualifying. “I’ll have to forget this weekend fast and demeanour forward. we have lustful memories of Norway.” In Hell in 2014, Nitišs during a age of 18 years and 181 days became a youngest motorist to date to win a World Championship turn in a Supercar Class. The sixth turn of a deteriorate is hold on Jun 10–11.