Art Project to offer new insights into BMW Group Plant Dingolfing. Body emporium partial of a innovative art work by Chinese artist Liu Xiaodong.

Dingolfing. As partial of a collaborative plan with
ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany, BMW Group Plant
Dingolfing will turn a concentration of an art plan starting on
Sep 8, 2017. Over a entrance 7 months, one of a plant’s
robotic comforts for physique emporium will serve, alongside other sites, as
basement for an designation combined by Chinese artist Liu Xiaodong.

Digitalisation plays a critical purpose in both a physique emporium activities of
BMW Group and a artistic routine of Liu Xiaodong. As such, the
plan exemplifies a significance of a energy of creation in both
economics and art, and it aspires to emanate a new, aesthetic
viewpoint to demeanour during a attention and a production processes.

The vernissage during ZKM | Center for Art and Media on Sep 8,
2017, during 7 PM, will launch a months-long artistic routine necessary
to rise a art work. Liu Xiaodong’s plan is patrician “Weight of
Insomnia”. It includes 3 cameras that are commissioned all over
Germany and destined during several motifs. Each camera sends one picture
per any second to a muster space during ZKM | Center for Art and
Media, where 3 robots will register a collected information on
movements with paint on canvas. A sum of 3 particular art works
will so be created, any formed on a several motifs prisoner by the
cameras. The layers of paint will overlie as time goes by ensuing in
unusually unenlightened compositions.

In further to one camera during a robotic comforts for physique emporium at
BMW Group Plant Dingolfing, dual some-more cameras were installed, one at
Berlin’s Academy of a Arts and a other during a trade heart in
Karlsruhe. The live art work will be on arrangement during ZKM | Center for
Art and Media from Sep 8, 2017, to Mar 18, 2018, where it will
be shown as partial of a “Datumsoria” exhibition.

Dr Andreas Wendt, executive of BMW Group Plant Dingolfing, is thrilled
about Liu Xiaodong’s project: “We during BMW Group Plant Dingolfing are
really vehement about this art project, that is charity a open at
vast wholly new insights into production processes.
Digitalisation and innovative technologies pierce attention and art
alike, and a artist’s designation is a singular countenance thereof. I
am deeply beholden to Liu Xiaodong and ZKM | Center for Art and Media
in Karlsruhe for creation this idealist art work probable during a site.”

Liu Xiaodong is one of a many successful artists of the
contemporary Chinese art world. In his large-scale works, he creates a
change of artistic picture and existence while focusing on a challenges
of a times such as digitalisation. Liu Xiaodong’s works are
represented in eminent museums and art fairs worldwide.

With this plan and following this year’s universe premiere of the
18th BMW Art Car by Chinese artist Cao Fei in Beijing, BMW
Group continues a long-standing joining to contemporary Chinese art.