“A bit like Jimi Hendrix”: specialist opening from Alessandro Zanardi behind a circle of a BMW M8 GTE.

Munich. The BMW M Motorsport engineers review him to a
drummer, while Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) himself says: “I feel a bit
like Jimi Hendrix.” The demeanour in that a BMW works driver
controls a BMW M8 GTE that he will expostulate during a 24 Hours of
Daytona (USA) in Jan is allied to a specialist performance.
Together with BMW M Motorsport, Zanardi has grown a special
complement that allows him to accelerate with a stifle ring on the
steering circle though also allows him to stop by hand, by regulating a
stop lever.


“When we started to consider about what we would need to expostulate a car
longer in stretch in an continuation race, a thought was for certain to
forget a legs and to do all with my hands,” explains Zanardi.
That was a birth of a devise to exercise a stop pull instead of the
stop pedal that he pushed by relocating his hips and requesting pressure
by his synthetic leg. This pull is mounted on a transmission
hovel and connected to a brake. Zanardi accelerates by regulating a
stifle ring on a steering wheel, essentially with his left hand. He
can change rigging with a change paddle on a steering wheel. There is
also a switch on a stop pull that allows him to change down when
braking into turns.


The new complement endured a initial critical exam during a competition when
Zanardi guested in a DTM during Misano (ITA) in August. With success:
pushing a mutated BMW M4 DTM, Zanardi cumulative a fantastic fifth
place in Sunday’s race. Based on a knowledge collected in Misano,
a BMW M Motorsport engineers and Zanardi afterwards began to optimise the
complement for a 24 Hours of Daytona (26th/27th Jan 2019).


“In Misano when we was pushing a DTM car, we satisfied that my right
palm is so busy,” explains a Italian driver. “I could not keep my
palm prolonged adequate onto a steering circle to pull a radio symbol and
speak to a pit. Because during one indicate a dilemma was entrance so we had
to strech for a stop lever. And it’s some-more critical to stop rather
than to continue your conversation. And generally in a 24-hour race
we have to be means to news to your array whatever is happening, the
state of a automobile and so on. When we change something so radical and
switch to a stop lever, there are a lot of other material items
that need to be adjusted. The knowledge from Misano helped us to
exercise some opposite solutions, lay-out of some functions, in
buttons and triggers and switches in a opposite way.”


There is also a new horn-like prolongation on a left-hand side of the
steering wheel: “When we put a lot of close coming left-hander
turns we have problems to strech a throttle. This prolongation will
extend me a probability to work a stifle if we have to, leaning
adult opposite something plain that is been made in this sold way.”


All that helps Zanardi to expostulate a #24 BMW M8 GTE from a BMW Team
RLL around a circuit like clockwork during a 24-hour competition in Daytona.
However, he emphasises that: “Although it might not demeanour that difficult,
it is in reality. There are switches and buttons that we have to deal
with while we am driving. There is roughly no indicate where possibly of my
hands are giveaway adequate to concentration on usually one operation. we might have to
pull a symbol while my fingers are opening a stifle with a ring
behind a steering wheel, we might have to trigger a downshift while
dire a stop lever. we feel a bit like Jimi Hendrix: we play with
both of my hands.”


Zanardi has to finish – and be means to coordinate – extremely
formidable processes in each turn: “When we press a pull with your
hand, on a same time we have to have a opposite feel with your
fingers. So your muscles are doing one thing, and other muscles are
doing another thing. This is impossibly complicated. Probably, it will
be easier for a guitar player, someone who is used to use his hands in
a opposite way. And while we am doing this, my conduct is basically
focused on requesting a right volume of vigour though we am kind
flipping a stifle as we need to feel a small bit of energy though at
a same time we am steering with a left hand. So each singular muscle
is dedicated to hoop a sold operation and synchronise this
all. And afterwards we have to change something if something goes wrong –  if
a automobile goes laterally or we go a small low into a dilemma and you
close a front wheel. Then we have to revoke a small bit a pressure
and maybe downshift a second longer. Well, during times it gets complicated.”


Alessandro Zanardi – a specialist in a cockpit of a BMW M8 GTE is
prepared for a 24 Hours of Daytona with BMW M Motorsport and a BMW
Team RLL.


Note to editors:

On a BMW Group Sports Facebook channel, we can find an onboard
video that shows how Zanardi controls a BMW M8 GTE as he drives
around a Daytona International Speedway: http://bit.ly/2rK1LFS.


We will tell some-more facilities about several topics in a weeks
heading adult to Zanardi’s coming during Daytona.