8th Group CSR Meeting – Volkswagen Group strengthens sustainability management


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More than 60 sustainability officers from a Group accommodate in Wolfsburg to plead a destiny instruction

For a eighth time, worldwide CSR officers from Group, brands and regions collected during a association domicile to attend a three-day sealed meeting, a Group CSR Meeting. At a forefront of a bulletin was an sell of views on a pivotal destiny topics in a margin of sustainability. Reorientation by a TOGETHER – Strategy 2025, augmenting tellurian demands, realignment in tellurian governance and a routine of mutation within both a attention and a association were a subjects of an complete sell of information in presentations, workshops and contention forums.

Dr Thomas Steg, Head of External Relations and Sustainability: “In a TOGETHER – Strategy 2025, a association has for a initial time a corporate plan with a conspicuous importance on sustainability. The entrance weeks will be endangered with defining quantifiable success factors in a plan for a area of sustainability and display clearly how we aim to live adult to a amicable responsibility. The Global CSR Meeting offering a singular event to rivet in an complete sell of views on a pivotal factors of a destiny with all those obliged for sustainability within a Group.”

In a 3 theme areas of “Corporate strategy”, “Global Governance” and “Transformation in Mobility and a Automotive Industry”, a 65 participants from 14 nations discussed stream and destiny issues of sustainability.

The new TOGETHER – Strategy 2025 with a clever couple to tolerable ideas and actions as good as a mandate on a Group sustainability government were dealt with in a initial theme area, along with their source and doing in a stirring code strategies.

At a concentration of a theme of “Global Governance” were a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of a UN together with a effects on globally handling companies in ubiquitous and for a Volkswagen Group in sold as good as government of tellurian rights, CO2 regulations and reporting.

Digitising and defining a mobility of a destiny as a pivotal issues in a mutation routine shaped a core theme matter in a third section.

Representatives of a Group brands Audi, MAN, Scania, Skoda, SEAT, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and a CSR officers from China, India and a USA additionally presented vital approaches and projects for tolerable mobility from their companies and regions.