25 Years of BMW Individual: The BMW Individual M760Li desirous by Nautor’s Swan.Finnish shipyard Nautor’s Swan and BMW benefaction exclusive, singular citation to symbol miracle anniversary.

Munich. The 25-year story of BMW Individual boasts
large highlights. The domicile of BMW Individual Manufaktur
are in Garching, only outward Munich. It is here that numerous, unique
models have been total during a final entertain of a century.

To applaud this anniversary, BMW Individual is presenting a car
that stands out even among all a special editions and individual
models of past years: a BMW Individual M760Li desirous by Nautor’s
Swan (combined fuel consumption: 12.8 l /100 km; total CO2
emissions: 294 g/km).

Luxury and high performance: Nautor’s Swan. Over the
past 50 years, a reputation of Nautor’s Swan has widespread over a world
of sailing and is accepted to be synonymous with luxurious,
high-performance yachts. BMW and a Finnish yacht engineer and
manufacturer share a partnership of many years’ standing. The two
brands seem together during prestigious regattas such as “Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez”.

This team-work has constructed a one-off indication to applaud a 25th
anniversary of BMW Individual, mixing a best of both worlds. The
result: The BMW tip indication M760Li xDrive V12 Excellence, desirous by a
glamorous sailing yacht.

Yachting atmosphere on board. A brief peek is
adequate to exhibit a yachting impulse behind a singular BMW
Individual M760Li desirous by Nautor’s Swan. Cooperation partner
Nautor’s Swan constructed some elements for this special indication by palm at
their seminar in western Finland. These embody teak panels with
joints filled precisely with a excellent covering of rubber. This allows the
timber to enhance and agreement with changing temperatures. This is
quite essential for a rug on a yacht – though also in a car.
That is because this carbon-bonded wooden member graces a foot floor
in a BMW Individual M760Li desirous by Nautor’s Swan. The foot is
also intricately propitious out in Alcantara Smoke White.

The interior trims, entrance sills and building mats are also done with
teak and have been constructed by Nautor’s Swan. You can feel and see the
yachting aptitude in any inch. This is extended by a participation of the
Finnish brand’s insignia. The Nautor’s Swan signet is stitched into
a headrests and cushions. It also adorns a object visors and interior
trims done of European ash on a driver’s side and a executive console.

Elegant and watchful extraneous pattern details. The
team-work between a dual brands is also apparent on a exterior.
The stop calipers on a BMW Individual M760Li, that are exclusively
finished in a same colour as a car, any bear a sublime, raised
Swan logo, that is made in an additional procedure. The foot lid
of a automobile is also flashy with a Nautor’s Swan arrow, that is
customarily to be found on a side of a yachts. By approach of analogy, the
side of a automobile facilities a coachline, underlining a oppulance quality.

Based on a BMW M760Li xDrive oppulance limousine. The
starting indicate for such a special automobile was nothing reduction than a already
considerable BMW M760Li xDrive V12 Excellence. It has an exterior
finished in a special BMW Individual colour damask red and a
two-tone fine-grain Merino leather interior in fume white and Criollo
brown. The same is loyal of other facilities finished in leather, such as
a footrests in a behind of a car. BMW Individual takes a full
leather interior to a subsequent level, integrating top-quality BMW
leather varieties into a trims for a A and B pillars, chair trims,
doorway sills and a side covers for a instrument panel. The vehicle
primer is also constructed inside a Manufaktur and firm in Criollo
brownish-red Merino leather.

Sporty travel opening with limit comfort. The
BMW Individual M760Li desirous by Nautor’s Swan special indication is just
as considerable on a road. An M Performance TwinPower Turbo
12-cylinder petrol engine provides copiousness of drive. A cubic capacity
of 6.6 litres allows a engine to perform during 448 kW/610 hp and
provides limit torque of 800 Nm. The high-performance engine lets
a automobile accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds.

In and with a complicated 8-gear Steptronic Sport transmission,
a alone characteristics of a V12 engine provides copiousness of
sporty nonetheless tranquil thrust. The innovative Executive Drive Pro
framework complement also combines conspicuous pushing impetus with maximum
pushing comfort. As we would design from such a high-quality car, the
on-board record is also state-of-the-art. Semi-automated driving,
hold arrangement and BMW Gesture Control are only 3 of a technical
highlights of this singular partial of BMW’s history.

The BMW Individual M760Li desirous by Nautor’s Swan celebrates its
entrance during a Frankfurt International Motor Show on 12 Sep 2017.

BMW’s chosen models share their temperament and attitude.
The automobile presents itself as partial of a graphic BMW product category
formulating a new participation for a oppulance cars. The temperament and attitude
common by BMW’s chosen models, including a BMW 7 Series as good as
a new BMW X7, BMW i8 and new BMW i8 Roadster, are echoed in a newly
designed trademark that combines a black-and-white chronicle of the
manufacturer’s roundel initial used 100 years ago with a association name
“Bayerische Motoren Werke” created out in full. With a classical,
understated cultured and a company’s strange name spelt out, the
trademark highlights BMW’s matchless history.



You can find serve information about central fuel consumption,
central specific CO2 emissions and energy expenditure for new cars in
a “Guideline for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and power
expenditure for new newcomer cars”, that is accessible during retail
outlets, from a Deutschen Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT),
Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen and at
CO2 Guideline (PDF ‒ 2.9 MB)