The Ioniq Hybrid and Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid both underline a new Kappa 1.6L direct-injected Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine with an unrivalled thermal potency of 40 percent, delivering an estimated 104 horsepower and an estimated 109 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine has been privately tailored to a hybrid concentration and is sum with a quick-shifting six-speed double-clutch delivery – differentiating Ioniq from a pivotal competitors with a some-more energetic and enchanting pushing experience. The high-efficiency electric engine can work during speeds adult to 75 MPH and delivers immediate torque during low speeds, with accessible power-assist during aloft automobile speeds.

The Ioniq Hybrid’s electric engine delivers an estimated 32 kW (43 horsepower) with an estimated limit torque of 125 lb.-ft., powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery with 1.56 kWh capacity. The battery is good positioned underneath a back newcomer seats. In multiple with a 1.6-liter direct-injected engine, Ioniq Hybrid offers a sum complement outlay of 139 horsepower while providing low emissions, superb potency and range. The Ioniq Hybrid Blue indication has an EPA-estimated 58 MPG sum rating, a top rating of any non-plug-in automobile sole in a U.S. market.

The Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid provides an all-electric operation of some-more than 27 miles formed on rough inner estimates, powered by a manly 8.9 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery. The Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid’s estimated 45kW (60 horsepower) electric engine is joined with a 1.6 direct-injected Atkinson four-cylinder Kappa engine.

The Ioniq Electric offers pristine electric mobility with a 28 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery for an estimated pushing operation of 124 miles. The electric engine has a limit outlay of 88 kW (118 horsepower) and 218 lb.-ft. of torque corresponding to a single-speed reduction-gear transmission. The Ioniq Electric has an EPA-estimated 136 MPGe rating, a top potency rating of any electric automobile sole in a U.S. market.

Six-speed dual-clutch transmission
The Ioniq Hybrid and Plug-in both underline a six-speed EcoShift® dual-clutch delivery (DCT), that boasts best-in-class send potency by a use of low-friction orientation and low-viscosity delivery oil, and is means to grasp a singular brew of pushing opening and fuel efficiency.

Both a Ioniq Hybrid and a Plug-in Hybrid use a dual-clutch delivery to rivet a motorist for a energetic and fun-to-drive character. This is an critical differentiator from a infancy of other Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid cars that use a Continuously Variable Transmission, that are mostly criticized as carrying ‘rubber band-like’ acceleration.

Enhancing a car’s fuel potency and energetic pushing characteristics, a motorist can name possibly SPORT or ECO modes. The SPORT duty binds reduce gears longer and combines appetite from a engine and electric engine for limit performance. In ECO mode, a DCT optimizes rigging welfare for efficiency, upshifting progressing to grasp class-leading fuel economy.

Advanced Battery Technology
Further, a powertrain components were designed to be compress and rarely efficient. The sum additional weight of a Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid record therefore adds minimal weight to a Ioniq, though significantly increases a efficiency. Electric appetite for a Hybrid and a Plug-in Hybrid, as good as for a Electric, is generated by a permanent magnet synchronous engine whose tools were optimized by shortening a density of core components by adult to 10 percent and adopting rectangular-section copper handle to diminution core and copper loss. Hyundai uses a lithium-ion polymer battery container for all Ioniq models that is 20 percent lighter than non-polymer lithium-ion batteries and can be done some-more optimally to a interior than customary dungeon format batteries. This also provides reduce memory sensitivity, glorious assign and liberate efficiency, and superb limit output.

Both fit wrapping and a low core of sobriety were taken into care as a battery complement is located underneath a back seats so that a newcomer cabin and bucket area is uncompromised in a Ioniq Hybrid, charity a sum interior volume of an estimated 122.7 cubic feet (more than Toyota Prius). Even a Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid and a Ioniq Electric, notwithstanding carrying incomparable batteries, both offer a inexhaustible sum interior volume of an estimated 120.0 cubic feet.

All Ioniq Electric models are versed with customary Level-3 DC fast-charging capability. Charging a Ioniq Electric’s lithium-ion polymer battery adult to 80 percent usually takes approximately 23 mins regulating a SAE Combo Level-3 DC, 100 kW discerning charger. An integrated In-Cable Control Box (ICCB) also allows drivers to assign their Ioniq regulating a customary domicile electric socket.

Lightweighting focus
Ioniq sought poignant weight rebate targets but compromising fun-to-drive and comfort characteristics. Ioniq uses aluminum in a hood and tailgate, shortening weight by 27 lbs. compared with compulsory steel and no quantifiable disadvantages in sound or vibration. In addition, a lead-acid auxiliary 12V battery found in competitors’ hybrid models has been wanting for a Ioniq Hybrid, ensuing in an estimate 26-pound rebate in weight. Lightweighting also extended to rebate apparent areas like a cargo-screen cover. With aloft use of lightweight components and a some-more compress build, a cargo-screen cover is about 25-percent lighter than a forms used in other Hyundai models.

Driving opening – low- to zero-emission mobility but compromise
The pushing opening of a Ioniq choice is among a best in a shred due to a powertrain that is blending to broach fit mobility but compromise. Ride and handling, as good as noise, quivering and rudeness levels, are tuned towards higher float quality, while insulation in a instrument row minimizes engine cell sound intrusion. Damping in a building panels, as good as extended A- and B- post insulation, thicker window potion and noise-cancelling film on a windshield, serve urge a still and gentle pushing experience.

Ioniq Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid underline a worldly multi-link back cessation complement with twin reduce control arms for flexible float and doing joined with glorious float quality. In addition, endless use of aluminum in front and back cessation components saves around 22 lbs. of weight compared with compulsory materials. A rebate of 5 lbs. per front reduce arm section saves 13 lbs. during a front suspension, while scarcely 9 lbs. is reduced during a back suspension. In addition, a chain of a battery systems next a back seats provides a reduce core of sobriety for some-more manageable handling.

The Ioniq Electric relates a torsion-beam back axle, providing some-more space for a 28 kWh lithium-ion polymer batteries, placed next a back seats. Ioniq’s responsiveness and feedback from a steering complement is transparent and precise, with a discerning steering ratio for an enchanting and manageable feel. Braking force is optimized for limit potency from a regenerative braking system, assisting Ioniq to say a solid state of assign (SOC). Regenerative braking also operates with reduced noise, regulating a third-generation improving interlude system. Regenerative braking force can be practiced to accommodate a driver’s welfare and pushing conditions by steering-column-mounted regenerative brake-level control paddles. An Integrated Brake Assist Unit (iBAU) and Pressure Source Unit (PSU) also minister to quieter operation. This helps safeguard ultra-low attrition for limit appetite recuperation and potency levels.

Michelin® tires give Ioniq extended levels of efficiency, as a automobile is propitious with low-rolling-resistance tires for 15-, 16- and 17-inch wheels, and a car’s incomparable 17-inch wheels (Ioniq Hybrid Limited) are propitious with high-silica tires for improved all-around performance. The multi-link cessation complement of Ioniq Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid has been blending to work many good with low-rolling-resistance tires while minimizing customary tire opening trade-offs.

In crafting a extraneous coming of Ioniq, Hyundai designers clever on a future-focused character, elemental to a appeal. A liquid extraneous figure and healthy atmosphere upsurge channels stress aerodynamic physique lines and aspect volumes. A sporty, hatchback-like form is desirous by aerodynamic efficiency, complementing a soothing lines and surfaces that snippet a car’s outline. These attributes mix to boost aerodynamics further, which, when sum with several other intelligent potency solutions, furnish an industry-leading 0.24 fellow of drag. In serve to Ioniq aerodynamics, serve settlement sum heed a Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Electric models from one another, formulating their singular identities:

Ioniq Hybrid
The front of a Ioniq Hybrid is characterized by a Bi-Xenon HID headlights surrounded by C-shaped LED positioning lamps. Hyundai’s signature hexagonal grille and straight C-shaped LED daytime regulating lights serve communicate virginity of design. Contrasting colors during a bottom of a buffer fascia supplement particular impression and can be interconnected with dual singular interior environments. The tone choices for Ioniq models embody Black Noir Pearl, Symphony Air Silver, Electric Blue Metallic, Ceramic White and Summit Gray. The Ioniq Hybrid facilities specially-designed two-tone resisting 15-inch eco-spoke or 17-inch amalgamate wheels.

Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid
In serve to ubiquitous extraneous settlement sum from a Hybrid, such as a hexagonal grille and a straight C-shaped LED daytime regulating lights, a Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid also facilities low-beam LED headlamps. The Plug-in Hybrid also integrates a charging portal into a left front buffer for a lithium-ion polymer battery. Specially-designed 16-inch amalgamate wheels serve compute a Plug-in Hybrid model.

Ioniq Electric
Ioniq Electric conveys a singular front perspective: but a need for endless powertrain cooling, a grille is a sleek, purify surface. The Electric indication also facilities HID Xenon headlamps with Dynamic Bending Light (DBL) and LED tail lamps with a singular settlement and temperament for a back view, as good as singular 16-inch eco-spoke amalgamate wheels.

Advanced Aerodynamics
The Ioniq neat conformation and simple, delicately wrought contours support a fit government of airflow around a exterior. Applications like front circle atmosphere curtains, a back spoiler and diffuser, side sill moldings, building clandestine and a closed-wheel settlement all minister to a car’s high aerodynamic potency of 0.24 Cd. Additionally, a Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid underline a three-stage active atmosphere strap integrated with a front grille, while a sleek, sealed front fascia differentiates a Electric model.

In gripping with a exterior, a interior of Ioniq captures a model’s unconventional qualities, with a ‘Purified High-tech’ settlement concept. A smooth, superb and clutter-free thesis and fit use of interior space complements a logical, structured proceed practical to a blueprint of controls for discerning operation. Materials for a interior were comparison with an ecologically-sensitive concentration and are used to emanate a elementary and purify demeanour around a car, giving a interior a sleek, light and purified feel.

The motorist and newcomer of a Electric indication will also notice that there is some-more room between a front seats. This is achieved around a shift-by-wire push-button expostulate selector giveaway of involuntary linkage. The Ioniq also facilities an electronic parking stop (EPB), conserving space in a core console.

Smart and fit atmosphere conditioning
To yield a pleasant, gentle and lovely interior meridian but regulating nonessential amounts of energy, a Ioniq meridian control can be switched to an fit operation mode. Recirculated atmosphere is maximized when air-conditioning or heating, shortening movement waste and augmenting a altogether potency of a system. Also, a fully-automatic meridian control can be set to ‘Driver only’ mode, thereby shortening a bucket of both atmosphere conditioning and heating on a altogether powertrain. Ioniq also facilities console-mounted back atmosphere vents for back newcomer comfort.

Eco-focused materials emanate purify and tolerable interior ambience
A pivotal evil of a Ioniq is a innovative use of recycled or ecologically-sensitive materials. The interior doorway covers are done of cosmetic sum with powdered timber and volcanic mill while providing a same peculiarity coming of customary plastic-based materials. The softer, some-more healthy feel is achieved along with rebate faith on oil-based products. This proceed extends to other areas of a automobile as well. Raw materials extracted from sugarine shaft are partly practical on a superstar and carpet. Paint with renewable mixture extracted from soybean oil is used to grasp sleek lead colors on pivotal components.

Infotainment System
To fit customers’ sundry lifestyles, Ioniq facilities state-of-the-art infotainment and connectivity features. Ioniq is versed with a high-definition 7-inch TFT information cluster. With a fortitude of 1280 x 720 pixels, it displays all sign functions (speedometer, expostulate mode, fuel level). Depending on a comparison expostulate mode, credentials tone and gauges are blending to always yield a many critical and useful information. Within SPORT mode, a arrangement changes into a revolving digital speedometer that is surrounded by an analog-type tachometer, display engine rpm in red. When selecting ECO mode, a TFT-information cluster simulates a classical speedometer needle.

Ioniq also allows drivers to confederate their smartphone with a vehicle’s infotainment complement by providing both Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®. Both systems capacitate users to bond their inclination to activate music, write or navigation functions with reduce daze levels. Ioniq also offers a wireless inductive-charging pad for concordant smartphones.

Comfort and convenience
The Ioniq choice delivers good motorist and newcomer convenience, bringing to a shred a operation of considerations for that other Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Electric vehicles might have compromised. All Hybrid components are deftly finished to maximize space and coherence of a interior. In fact, a Ioniq Hybrid offers best-in-class bucket space by positioning a battery underneath a back seats. Moreover, a back seats can overlay down, providing an estimated 26.5 cubic feet of bucket area volume, permitting vast pieces of luggage to be stowed with ease. All Ioniq models also offer inexhaustible front and back headroom, shoulder and leg room, while a memory driver’s chair and exhilarated front seats offer additional comfort.

Behind a wheel, a Ioniq Smart Cruise Control allows a consistent speed and following stretch to be confirmed from a automobile forward but joyless a accelerator or stop pedals; it is automatically cancelled when speed drops to 5 mph or below. Ioniq Electric takes it a step serve by providing Smart Cruise Control, providing entirely involuntary stop/start duty as well.

Blue Link®
The Ioniq lineup offers a Hyundai Blue Link connected automobile complement with extended safety, diagnostic, remote and superintendence services. Blue Link brings connectivity directly into a automobile with technologies like Remote Start with Climate Control, Destination Search powered by Google®, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Car Finder, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, and Stolen Vehicle Recovery. Blue Link facilities can be accessed around buttons on a rearview mirror, a MyHyundai.com web portal, around a Blue Link smartphone app and now by a Amazon® Alexa Blue Link skill. Some facilities can also be tranquil around Android Wear and Apple Watch smartwatch apps. Owners of Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid and Electric will also be means conduct and guard their car’s charging report remotely around a Blue Link® smartphone app or simply ask Alexa to start and stop charging as needed. This capability to report charging is ideal for people that knowledge reduce electricity rates during off-peak hours, charity a high turn of both preference and cost efficiency. The Ioniq Electric indication also facilities nominal customary three-year Blue Link services. The latest recover of a Blue Link smartphone app includes:

  • Widgets for easy entrance to remote features, including an Ioniq Electric-specific widget
  • Additional standing indicators for case and hood open/closed
  • Access to Blue Link presentation settings
  • Access to a Hyundai accessories website

Ioniq’s light-yet-rigid physique is a outcome of modernized design, construction methods and materials. Featuring some-more than 50 percent Advanced High Strength Steel, a framework advantages from higher acerbity for manageable doing and safety, with high impact-energy fullness and minimized cabin exaggeration to strengthen passengers in a eventuality of a collision. This firm structure also leverages 476 feet of modernized constructional adhesives in a design, concurrently agreeable both lightweighting and acerbity benefits. A horde of innovative active and pacifist reserve facilities assistance strengthen Ioniq drivers and passengers. These electronic systems are class-leading as Ioniq continues to mangle a mold for choice fuel automobile reserve standards. The prolonged list of active reserve facilities includes Blind Spot Detection, that works with Lane Change Assist and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert to advise a motorist of any surrounding vehicles, passengers or objects that could lead to a collision. A Lane Departure Warning (LDW) is also offered, that sounds an alarm as a automobile moves over line lines if a motorist did not vigilance for an dictated line change. Additional reserve facilities embody back parking sensors and headlights with Dynamic Bending Light (DBL).

The Ioniq is also propitious with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) with Pedestrian Detection, an modernized active reserve underline that alerts drivers to puncture situations, even braking automatically as required. With sensor-fusion record that utilizes a front radar and camera sensors, AEB operates in 3 stages. Initially warning a motorist visually and acoustically, it controls a stop according to a collision risk stage, requesting limit braking immediately before an approaching collision. When a automobile or walking is sensed in front of a car, a complement is activated, handling during speeds of some-more than 5 mph, and minimizes repairs when a collision is differently unavoidable.

A Tire Pressure Monitoring System also helps safeguard any particular tire is scrupulously inflated. A sum of 7 airbags, including a knee airbag for a driver, assistance strengthen a vehicle’s occupants in a eventuality of a collision. Body structure improvements, complemented by a high-strength fiber-reinforced back buffer fascia make a whole Ioniq choice clever and durable in a eventuality of a crash.

Hyundai is also operative with ChargePoint® to serve raise a Ioniq Electric tenure experience. ChargePoint has a world’s largest electric automobile charging network with some-more than 32,000 locations during that to charge, including some-more than 400 Express DC fast-charging sites. ChargePoint locations are fast expanding, with patron palliate of use as a primary idea during each location.

Ioniq owners will accept acquire kits, informing them with pivotal information and advantages in a use of a ChargePoint charging network, and ChargePoint entrance cards that are easy to activate. In addition, owners will have a capability to conveniently locate ChargePoint chargers on their mobile inclination regulating a MyHyundai/Blue Link app.

Hyundai Motor America, headquartered in Fountain Valley, Calif., is a auxiliary of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea. Hyundai vehicles are distributed around a United States by Hyundai Motor America and are sole and serviced by some-more than 835 dealerships nationwide. All new Hyundai vehicles sole in a U.S. are lonesome by a Hyundai Assurance program, that includes a 5-year/60,000-mile fully-transferable new automobile singular warranty, Hyundai’s 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain singular guaranty and 5 years of nominal Roadside Assistance.