2017 Dakar Rally – Stage 2: Resistencia

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2017 Dakar Rally

03 Jan 2017


2017 Dakar Rally – Stage 2:
Resistencia – San Miguel de Tucumán, 803 km


  • Two MINI John Cooper Works Rally cars pierce adult a tip 10 personality board
  • Al-Rajhi completes Stage 2 in sixth place; Hirvonen eighth
  • Przygonski climbs to 12th overall


Munich. Day dual of a 2017 Dakar Rally arrived for all
competitors with a Stage 2 starting indicate in a city of
Resistencia, Argentina. It was 12:05pm when a initial automobile got away
for Stage 2 to cover a sum of 803 km, of that 275 km were
summarized for a Special Stage off-road territory – a territory that
betrothed quick racing on dry and hilly terrain, not distinct a WRC stage.


X-raid Team’s Yazeed Al-Rajhi (KSA) and co-driver Timo Gottschalk
(GER) climbed adult a personality house after a energetic expostulate saw them
finish Stage 2 in sixth place. This outcome pushed them one place
serve adult a altogether outcome list to now lay in sixth place. The
X-raid Team twin are enjoying a early stages in their new MINI John
Cooper Works Rally (#306) and looking brazen to a climb section
heading to a mountains.


Talking about Stage 2, Al-Rajhi said: “a lot of speed section and a lot
of true line. We try a best to keep a speed – as we know if
we remove 2 kmh on tip speed afterwards we remove a lot over land. Ten more
days left and we can pull a bit some-more since it is not so most about
speed now.”


Fellow X-raid Team organisation Mikko Hirvonen (FIN) and Michel Périn (FRA)
in a second of a 3 new MINI John Cooper Works Rally cars also
progressed serve adult a personality board. Another plain drive,
suggestive of final year’s opening during Dakar, placed him eighth at
a finish of Stage 2. This means a former WRC motorist is now eighth overall.


Hirvonen: “It was a unequivocally quick stage. Completely true for 10
kilometres during one indicate and scarcely prosaic out all a time. There’s a
prolonged approach to go though currently was good for drag racing and not so most for rallying.”


Jakub Przygonski (POL) and Tom Colsoul (BEL) in a MINI ALL4 Racing
(#316) also enjoyed a gait of today’s Stage 2 by relocating to
12th altogether after a illusory 11th place finish
during a finishing indicate of Stage 2. Although it is early days,
Przygonski already has his eyes on a tip 10 position.


One place behind Przygonski in 13th position is a MINI
John Cooper Works Rally (#308) of Orlando Terranova (ARG) and
co-driver Andreas Schulz (GER). The X-raid span didn’t finish Stage
2 as they would have favourite though a Dakar gifted Terranova is well
wakeful that competition positions can change as fast as a South American weather.


Terranova. “It was not good today. The wipers didn’t not work for
some reason and we could not see since of a mud, so we remove time…”


For Mohamed Abu Issa (QAT) and Xavier Panseri (FRA) of X-raid Team
(#322) it is their initial competition together. Even some-more engaging is the
fact this a initial Dakar for Abu Issa in a car! All a same, his
knowledge with buggies has paid off with a 19th place
finish in Stage 2. He and Panseri now lay inside a tip 20 in 19th.


The residue of a MINI Family all finished Stage 2 safely and
inside a tip 30. Boris Garafulic (CHL) and Filipe Palmeiro (POR)
pushing a MINI ALL4 Racing (#314) say their 22nd
chain after Stage 2.


Sylvio deBarros (BR) and Rafael Capoani (BR) finished Stage 2 in
26th and in a same altogether position. Stephan Schott (GER)
and Paulo Fiuza (POR) are a eighth organisation of a MINI Family and are
now 28th overall.


Tomorrow’s (04-01-2017) Stage 3 starts in San Miguel de Tucumán and
completes in San Salvador de Jujuy, a sum stretch of 780 km.


2017 Dakar Rally: MINI Family standings altogether after Stage 2.